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Richmond Rainbow Pride Committees


This committee keeps the group’s by-laws up-to-date and relevant by performing a quarterly review. Recommendations for change are presented to the Research and Legislative Committee when relevant, and to the Communications Committee before introducing them to the Board. Chair: _________________



Upon approval by the Board president or vice president, this committee documents events, updates the RRP website, generates the monthly newsletter, shapes RRP’s social media presence and publishes RRP’s public statements using fact-checked information and its own images. At least one officer must sit on this committee. Chair: _________________


Plans and executes events initiated by the Board. Secures locations and permits. Contacts and secures talent for certain events. Ensures there is enough food and drink if appropriate. Shares promotional details with the Communications Committee. Some of these events are:                           Chair: _________________


  1. Annual Pride (June)

  2. Film and Cultural Event (Oct)

  3. Friday Night Mixers (3rd Friday)

  4. Latino Forum (April)

  5. Earth Day (April)

  6. Cinco de Mayo (May)

  7. Annual Board Retreat

  8. Art in the Windows


Plans activities that support Richmond Rainbow Pride's financial goals and operations. Approaches companies and individuals who might support Richmond Rainbow Pride. Chair: _________________


Internal Finance

Reports on how RRP uses its finances during the monthly Board Meeting. Issues approved refunds for Board members. Chair: _________________


Research and Legislative

Researches legislation of interest to our community, as well as relevant topics. Prepares position papers, public announcements and in-house discussions. The Board directs this committee on items to be researched. Findings may be presented to the Communications Committee for preparation and publication. At least one officer must sit on this committee. Chair: _________________

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