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Eat Suite began as a simple food-porn Facebook page. That's right, I started a page just to make people drool over my delicious and beautiful culinary creations! Well, pretty soon I had folks asking for recipes. Then they started asking me to help them learn how to cook. Then they started asking me to cook for them. we are today! 


I'm a Cali born and raised self-taught chef. My food is fresh, flavorful, and made with locally-sourced ingredients which are always grown and harvested sustainably and humanely. Although my menu tends to lean more towards a Paleo approach, I'm not afraid of carbs and I would never deny anyone the pleasure of a potato just because some guy said it's evil. If it grows in the ground, thrives in the sea, or lives off the land, you can find it in my kitchen!  


<3 Chae

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