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Richmond Rainbow Pride (RRP) is a group of LGBTIQQ individuals and allies who live, work and/or play in or near Richmond, CA, and who come together for the collective benefit of the LGBTIQQ community. 


Richmond Rainbow Pride, the first specifically LGBTIQQ organization in Richmond, was started after 2014 when, during the election cycle, Council Member Jovanka Beckles was continuously attacked for being an open and out member of the LGBTIQQ community. This attack and others and the vitriol that came with them provided the impetus for community members, leaders and organizations to come together, and the Rainbow came out! 


Richmond Rainbow Pride meets monthly to strategize on ways to support and serve the LGBTIQQ community as it promotes visibility and solidarity by participating in events such as Juneteenth, Sisters in Solidarity and El Cerrito's Loving Day Celebrations. The group works with the city on LGBTIQQ issues and provided language for our proposed city-funded-travel-ban to states that pass anti-LGBTIQQ legislation, works with the Richmond Human Rights Commission to raise the city's HRC Municipal Equality Index score, holds AIDS awareness vigils, creates public arts projects, and has partnered with the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP), the recipient of a mini-grant from Richmond Arts and Culture Commission (RACC) for the creation of original films to be featured at the first Richmond Rainbow Pride Film and Cultural Event in October 2017.


We organize an annual pride event on the first Sunday in June at a Richmond park. On that day we celebrate freedom, dignity, equality rights, strengthened community, diverse sexuality, and gender variance. In addition, our organization reaches out to the Contra Costa public through the many community events in which we host a table with information and LGBTQI literature.